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Marvellousnovel 沐衣衣 – Chapter 1491 – How Did Gu Jingyan End Up in the Hospital? waste arrive reading-p3
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1491 – How Did Gu Jingyan End Up in the Hospital? confused legs
She is in excellent agony. Why managed Gu Jingyan really need to be that capable? She had no chance of even acquiring revenge.
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Bystanders appeared through curiously.
Having said that, Gu Jingyan acquired already provided instructions. They might only see Gu Jingyan and Fu Chenxi stay there. They glanced back again before they scrammed.
“Where’s Gu Jingyan?” He went through without delay and pulled into the bodyguard to ask.
He found your phone and claimed irritatedly, “Aren’t you aggravating? It’s so bothersome that you retain calling. I am fast paced.”
She had ignored how highly effective Gu Jingyan was. In high school, she could take using a very few men inside a battle.
“Nothing with regards to me? When Lu Beichen purchased that family home on your behalf, we were still partner and wife. Whenever we were still alongside one another, no matter what money he designed to obtain that you simply household was my own. Recognize?”
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Lu Beichen was at your home enjoying liquor and seeing a movie. He acquired made-up his intellect to not ever pick-up calls and also to not start working. He believed perplexed and troubled, not able to completely focus.
“That’s ample.”
Bystanders checked over curiously.
The bodyguard’s facial phrase did not look nice.
She had ignored how potent Gu Jingyan was. In high school graduation, she might take using a few men within a overcome.
“Gu Jingyan, it is all as a consequence of you. You’ve ruined everything. I… We shall perish jointly!”
This phrase produced Fu Chenxi anxiety totally.
Fu Chenxi slowly froze upon seeing and hearing that growl.
These ideas of mockery made Fu Chenxi go reddish colored inside the deal with.
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Blood vessels could possibly be witnessed in the trauma section.
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Gu Jingyan realised that folks had been viewing, and she decreased her eye-brows. “Alright, each one of you could depart very first.”
“Gu Jingyan, it’s all due to you. You’ve destroyed every thing. I… We shall perish together with each other!”
“Where is Gu Jingyan? Why is there blood almost everywhere? Did she shed a whole lot of bloodstream?”
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Fu Chenxi immediately dropped in the dinner table.
The health professional jumped at discovering this intoxicated gentleman. “You… you… what are you saying? What’s on you? This is the medical center, precisely what are you here for?”
“Where is Gu Jingyan? Why is there blood vessels anywhere? Did she dropped a whole lot blood?”
He did not love her anymore?
“Where’s Gu Jingyan?” He went above straight away and pulled on the bodyguard to question.
Fu Chenxi immediately decreased onto the kitchen table.
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
He held onto the walls to walk in. The minute he spotted a nurse, he straightened up. “Where’s Gu Jingyan?”
Fu Chenxi immediately fell into the dinner table.
Lu Beichen reeked of liquor. Discovering the many refreshing blood flow on a lawn produced him feel as though darkness was before him.
“You’re spouting nonsense.” Fu Chenxi growled, “Lu Beichen has all the money.”
If she were to just make such as that, just where was she likely to locate Lu Beichen?
She is in good suffering. Why have Gu Jingyan really need to be that capable? She acquired absolutely no way of even taking vengeance.
He failed to appreciate her any more?
As she observed Fu Chenxi billing through, Gu Jingyan retreated.
“I… What I am indicating now could be that the home is under my identify. You don’t have the authority to care. What are you accomplishing this for? You simply want to get your vengeance on me since you realize that your house has almost nothing related to you. Why do you have to be such as this?”
“Gu Jingyan, don’t you leave.”
Lu Beichen pressed the health professional aside and extended to head in.

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